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Understanding Detox Channels

Detox Channels

Did you know the body has several channels or means of eliminating toxins and waste? The lungs, liver, lymphatic system, blood, bowels and kidneys all work in tandem to keep your body functioning at its best.

In today’s world, exposure to toxins is all but unavoidable and happens when you eat processed food, or come into contact with pollution, pesticides, and almost any chemical. Fortunately, you can catalyze detoxification for the most part through dietary changes, eating whole foods. But you can also give your body a helping hand by focusing on the following:

  • Lungs: To keep the lungs clean and functioning at their best, avoid smoking—and smokers! Practice deep breathing exercises in fresh air for about 15 minutes per day. Also try to get plenty of exercise.
  • Liver: An integral part of your body’s detoxification system, the liver metabolizes everything from food to alcohol. When the liver functions properly, it removes waste from the blood and stores nutrients. To naturally detoxify the liver, eat plenty of antioxidant-rich food and minimize alcohol consumption.
  • Lymphatic system: The lymphatic system protects your body from illness and disease. When it doesn’t function properly, you feel fatigued and sick. To protect your lymphatic system, avoid processed foods and eat whole foods instead. You can also get a lymphatic massage, exercise, jump on a rebounder and sit in a sauna, as sweating purges toxins from this system.
  • Blood: The blood transports nutrients and other substances to organs within the body. By detoxifying the blood, it will be better equipped to carry nutrients throughout the body. Drinking plenty of filtered water to hydrate your body and eating plenty of fiber helps here. Sweating via a tough workout cleanses the blood as well.
  • Bowels: A healthy colon breaks down the various nutrients you consume within a day. The colon also eliminates waste from the body through feces. To maximize colon health, eat plenty of high-fiber foods (shoot for at least 25 grams of fiber per day) and drink at least 8 glasses of pure, filtered water daily.
  • Kidneys: The kidneys eliminate waste by producing urine. Dehydration is one of the main causes of ineffective kidneys. By drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water per day, you can optimize kidney function.

Don’t be fooled by expensive supplements marketed to detoxify your body. By eating nutritious foods, exercising, and drinking pure filtered water, you can support immune function and overall health by purifying your main detox channels.

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Gaim’s “Detox 101”:

Liver-cleansing foods:

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