As both parents and practitioners, we understand wanting to use the most natural, safe and effective remedies possible for our children. We use a blend of various modalities to best help support your child's health while also promoting their true wellness through lifestyle and dietary recommendations that can bring lasting change. 

Integrative, "Functional" Medicine 

  • Attempt to find root causes of disease through extensive history, diet and lifestyle evaluation
  • Conventional and Integrative lab testing performed to assess and address underlying imbalances or excesses that may be causing symptoms
  • Herbs, Supplements used to help wean off pharmaceuticals when possible
  • S.L.I.T. (Sub Lingual Immuno Therapy) as an option to allergy shots
  • "Amen Method Professional" affiliated with Amen clinics and can use similar resources and refer for SPECT scanning as desired/ needed
  • Ideal model for chronic diseases like asthma, allergies, headaches, fatigue, ADHD, ASD, recurrent abdominal pain, auto-immune diseases, etc


  • Medical Yoga to help with chronic diseases, especially related to stress or structural problems: Anxiety/depression, stress, ADD, back pain, etc.
  • Sequences can also be geared for Dosha imbalance, chakra/energy healing to complement other modalities

Forward Thinking, Natural-foods Lifestyle

  • Our practitioners live a natural foods lifestyle and are supportive of organic, sustainable  businesses and products
  • Collaborative, supportive approach to your use of alternative healers: Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Doulas/Midwives, energy work, Reiki/Pranic Healing, etc.
  • Supportive of breast feeding, attachment parenting and other "Crunchy" parenting practices