The Morning Pages: Teaching Your children how write a Gratitude Journal

By: Sapna Fliedner MSN, HHC As Thanksgiving week approached, my inbox filled with stories of “How to be Thankful on this day” or What are you Grateful for?” Or lovely little grateful game ideas. Even my children asked “Why do they only ask this question once a year?” Every morning, no matter how chaotic our … Read Article

Mini Meditations

By: Sapna Fliedner MSN, HHC “I move through life with grace and ease, and time expands to meet my needs.” A wise acquaintance once relayed that mantra—and it holds special significance in today’s fast-paced world. It may feel like you spend your days running from Point A to Point B with nary a spare minute … Read Article

The Natural Spirituality of Children: Nurturing the Whole Child

  By: Sapna Fliedner MSN, HHC It’s that time of year again: Santa Claus, crowded malls, toys, celebrations and shopping. This  can be the source of stress for a lot of people. In all of this chaos, it is easy for families to lose sight of the spiritual meaning of the season.  More and more … Read Article

Gratitude,the Ultimate Weapon Against Terrorism…what I told my kids about ISIS.

In a Grateful State……….   In light of everything that has happened around Paris last week, I couldn’t help but feel sickened , angered and vulnerable all at the same time.  This sparked a deep discussion with my 2 daughters who are 10 and 13. I talk to them a lot about bullying and how … Read Article

How to raise Confident Kids

  Despite what many parents would like to believe, self-confidence is predominantly a learned skill as opposed to an inherited trait. As such, your job is to guide your kiddos in developing and honing this all-important life skill, and it’s really never too early to start. From the time your child is just a baby, … Read Article

Give a Little, Gain a Lot

By: Sapna Fliedner MSN, HHC Of course, you know that volunteering is a good thing, but did you also know that giving back enhances six key areas of well-being? Studies out of Vanderbilt University’s department of sociology connect volunteering with improvements in happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, a sense of control over life, physical health, and … Read Article

The Benefits of Gardening For Children

  By: Sapna Fliedner MSN, HHC Summer is my favorite time of year….the warm sunshine, trees in bloom, the beautiful sound of birds chirping and the fresh fruit and vegetables in abundance.  We first started our organic garden seven years while we were living in Texas to basically teach our young children (then 3 and … Read Article

Why Children Need Physical Activity

By: Sapna Fliedner MSN, HHC With the number of gadgets kids have access to these days, and P.E. classes being cut in schools, higher rates of disease have started to emerge in children. Diseases that are usually seen in adults are now being seen in young children. Lack of physical activity is a major cause of … Read Article