Electromagnetic Fields and Children

By: Sapna Fliedner MSN, HHC

The Hazards Of Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are defined by energy consultant, geobiologist, EMF expert and author Roy Riggs as “areas of energy which surround electronic devices. They can cause illness in both children and adults. In those who are sensitive to EMFs, they can cause nervous system problems such as fatigue, stress or sleep disturbances, rashes, aches and pains, burning eyes, depression, breast cancer and infertility. In children, they can cause leukemia.

EMFs are emitted by cell phones, microwaves, electric blankets, electric razors, hair dryers, cordless phones, refrigerators, Wi-Fi devices, computers, fluorescent lighting and fax machines. Outside, they are emitted by power lines, transformers, cellular towers and electrical substations. They are also emitted by airplanes.

EMFs And Breast Cancer

In 1990, a new middle school opened in La Quinta, California. Within the first two years, one teacher developed breast cancer and died. Many more followed; by 2005, 16 of the 137 staff members had developed cancer. Epidemiologist Sam Milham decided to investigate the middle school and found EMF readings that were abnormally high. In some classrooms, the amount of EMFs exceeded his equipment’s meters. This was due to the use of fluorescent lighting and electronic devices and an overabundance of high-voltage transients, which are very high voltage spikes in a power supply. (transients are by-products of modern energy— electronics, appliances, plasma T.V.’s, and fluorescent light bulbs). After the study was published in the American journal of Industrial Medicine, it was found that cumulative exposure in the school increased the liklihood that a teacher would get cancer by 64%. The risks for the children were not included but you can just imagine.

EMFs And Disturbed Brain Activity

Researchers have found that the radio waves emitted by cellular phones penetrate deeply into the brain. Studies conducted on young children showed that cellular phone use for even two minutes has the ability to disturb brainwave activity in young children for up to an hour afterwards. A study done in Sweden stated that if you used a cell phone as a teenager, you have a 5 times higher rate of getting brain cancer that an adult who started using the phone. It also showed that they have an adverse effect on mood and ability to concentrate during class if the children used cellular phones during the break. Researchers concluded that cellular phone use could also lead to memory loss, lack of concentration and aggressive behavior.

Dr. Michael Klieeisen, who conducted the study, states that “we are worried that delicate balances that exist – such as immunity to infection and disease – could be altered by interference with chemical imbalances in the brain.” It should be noted that cordless phones emit radiation through the house even when not in use.

In fact, every study that I’ve read stated that brain tumors increased with more than 10 years of use. I worked in a busy neuroscience ward when I first started my nursing career. I worked with the most sought after neurosurgeons. People came from all over the world to have their tumors removed from this physician. I remember asking him about cell phones and if he carried one and he stated “I’m going to wait for 10 years and if the studies are clear, then I’ll think about, but I’ll bet it’s not good.” Well, the studies are out and it’s not good. Folks, these are neurosurgeons who remove brain tumors everyday. I will never forget that conversation. Mainstream media is not going to tell you that cell phones cause cancer. Nobody will buy one if this was revealed. My youngest daughter told me that one of her friends who is 9 has her own phone. I couldn’t believe a 9 year old had a phone, especially knowing the dangers. My hope is that parents get educated on the dangers of cell phones.

EMFs And Cardiac Problems

Cordless telephones produce a 2.4 GHz pulse which can produce “significant disruptions in cardiac rhythm” according to recent studies. In one study, 40% of volunteers who were exposed to a cordless phone showed significant increases in heart rate variability disturbances such as increased heart rate and arrhythmias. This frequency can also be emitted by wireless routers and other types of Wi-Fi technology.

A study by Dr. Magda Havas found that a cordless phone base placed two feet from one’s head can significantly alter the heart’s rhythm. Another study by Spanish researchers published in the journal La Presse Medicine shows that a 2 foot proximity to a cordless phone base station increases fatigue, sleep disturbances, auditory and visual disturbances and effects on the cardiovascular system. This is alarming when one considers that many of us sleep with a base station within 2 feet of our heads.

EMFs And Autism

Rates of autism have increased 60-fold since the 1970’s. A study published in the Journal of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine states that radiation from cell phones, cellular towers, Wi-Fi devices and other similar technologies are an accelerating factor in autism. This 5 year study stated that electromagnetic radiation negatively affects cell membranes and allows heavy metal toxins to build up in a child’s body.

Microwaves And Cancer

Microwave cooking agitates molecules in order to heat up food. This agitation causes damage to cell walls and genes. Swiss researcher Hans Hertel states that food damaged from microwaving modifies the cellular activity in the humans who eat it. This can lead to cancer formation within the body. Studies have also shown that microwaving significantly changes food nutrients and molecular structure. Specifically, the food molecules show mutations when microwaved that are called radiolytic compounds. Meats that are microwaved cause the formation of the carcinogen d-Nitrosodienthanolamines. In fact, some amino acids in foods are converted into carcinogens, along with almost complete loss of vitamins. These are not found in the natural world and they cause a deterioration in the blood and immune system. Microwave ovens were banned in Russia from 1976 to 1987 due to the dangers which they felt overweighed the benefits of faster cooking time. Two researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Biochemistry studied the effect of microwaved foods by taking blood samples immediately after eating. They found that hemoglobin levels decreased resulting in Anemia. They also found that there was a decrease in the ratio of HDL & LDL. Brocolli showed a 97% loss of its vitamin C when cooked in a microwave oven (Richard Stossel, 2011).

Studies have shown that breast milk heated in microwaves alters amino acids and vitamin content. In fact, some of the amino acids became poisonous to the kidney and nervous system (Richard Stossel, 2011).

You may have heard of the story of a nurse who warmed up the patient’s blood for a blood transfusion in the microwave. The heating of blood is routinely done before a transfusion but not in the microwave. The patient died soon thereafter.

A study done by a high school student Claire Nelson revealed that carcinogens and xenoestrogens were migrating into the food and oil at between 200 parts and 500 parts per million. The FDA has set the standard at .05 parts per billion. You can read about it in “Carinogens—At 10,000 Times FDA Limits,” Options, May 2000. Published by people against cancer.

Most restaurants use the microwave to reheat, cook and steam foods. Most times, they will never tell you this. If you want to cook or reheat food, do it the old fashioned way….on the stove.

Countries Taking Control

Some countries in Europe such as France, Germany, and England have banned Wi Fi in schools and libraries. Russia has advised against cell phone use for children 18 and under.

A Safer Option

It may seem that all of the appliances around us are conspiring to destroy us. It would be hard to live without these technological conveniences, but there are some simple things that can be done.

– All cellular phones emit a certain amount of radiation when messages are sent. These are regulated by the FCC, but certain phones rank higher while others rank lower, which means that they are safer to use.
– Do not use microwaves and, if you have one, get rid of it.
– Choose a wired instead of wireless internet connection. Do the same for all appliances such as remote controls, home stereo systems and alarms.
– If you continue to use Wi-Fi, disconnect it during sleeping hours. Keep the router out of children’s rooms or anywhere in close proximity to people.
– Make sure that main electrical or circuit breakers are at least 4 feet from your bed.
– Make sure all transformers are at least 2 feet away from your body.
– Consider only using a land-line telephone. This is what we do.
– Avoid carrying a cellular phone and, when you do, keep it on “off-line mode.”
– Avoid using digital baby alarms.
– Choose flat monitors and televisions; they emit less radiation than deep-backed ones.
– If you have an unobstructed view of a cellphone tower within 300 meters from any window in your home, look into shielding solutions. is a recommended site for shielding.
– If you share a wall with your neighbor, use shielding paint to protect you from their home’s EMFs. Shielding paint is a type of water based paint for walls, ceilings, doors that is effective for blocking cell phone signals, radio frequency radiation and microwaves.


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