Gratitude,the Ultimate Weapon Against Terrorism…what I told my kids about ISIS.

In a Grateful State……….
 Give a Little Bit Gain a Lot
In light of everything that has happened around Paris last week, I couldn’t help but feel sickened , angered and vulnerable all at the same time.  This sparked a deep discussion with my 2 daughters who are 10 and 13. I talk to them a lot about bullying and how the children who bully are children who don’t love themselves and that’s why they pick on other kids.

I really don’t like to teach my kids about the negative things in the world in depth because I know my oldest, who is the sensitive one, will keep this in her mind forever and mull over it and it will create a negative energy in her. For this reason, we do not watch television. But I do know it is important to teach children about the negative things going on in society so they are well prepared to take care of themselves when they are away from us.

With that, I told them that this group of people were like really bad bullies. They both then asked, “Why would they do this to people?” Without getting too much into politics, I told them this:” These people have so much hatred in their heart that they do not feel the connection between this life force energy that connects us all. They don’t understand that we all came from the same place and are going there too. They don’t understand that God is a loving God who loves everyone and we are all brothers and sisters meant to help each other. These people have imagined different belief systems and structures to separate themselves and they have started to fight with one another and destroy each other instead of living, loving, sharing, creating and evolving together.

I also didn’t want them to get the wrong information, mistaking these events for religion (As what is stated by them) I told them, that these are fanatics and no religion in the world would say to kill innocent people eating peacefully. I try to raise my kids with positive energy but had to tell them there are groups that are bad…not all  of humanity is like this but there is a small group. I didn’t want them looking at the world in a skeptical negative manner…daily.

Every night before we go to sleep we read together and have a spiritual family discussion. I tell them everyday that you have to love yourself. So I make them say “I love you” to themselves everyday. With their name attached. My youngest one has no problem but my oldest one said ” But, mom that sounds so egotistical” I said if you truly love yourself first you will be able to speak your mind and not worry what others think, you will be able to say no, when you don’t want to do something, you will be able to be alone with yourself because you are your own best friend and can listen to your own intuition and most importantly: When you love yourself, you will love others and you will never feel hatred for a another single being on this planet nor will you feel competitive, you will just let people be. This is the real reason for so many health, relationship, career, family problems in this world.

I feel that if you grow up learning to love yourself, you will be a happy, healthy adult who has so much good to give back in this world. When our world is filled with people like this, everyone will be more compassionate and loving, patient and kind and this kind of energy will uplift society to greater heights. I want to live in a world like this!

Here are 3 tips to help your child love themselves:

1. Make them feel important:  When your children want to talk to you, put down your i phone or anything else you have. Really take a moment to listen to them and what interests them. I can’t tell you what a huge difference this makes. We have a long drive in the car to school in the morning  and the things that they tell me…….. wow. I keep this time as sacred and do not take business calls in the car when they are in the car with me. My kids have always been good at telling me everything. Not sure if this will change as they get older I also tell them I love them multiple times per day even when they are in the middle of reading something. Never stop saying it …..they will always feel they are loved even if they get sick of hearing it…keep going.

2. Service: Show them how to share and give to others.  I have taken my kids around the world and have shown them severe poverty and orphanages but the one thing I have found that surpasses anything is the little things you do everyday. I recently took them to the store to make care packages for various homeless people we may see on the road. I let them pick out the items (snacks, toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloths, juice) and package them. I keep this stash in the back of my car. I can just hear them squeal with delight when they see someone sleeping on a bench. ” I want to give it to her “No it’s my turn” Not that’s it’s good to fight but they are fighting because they want to GIVE.

There is another lady we see who is extremely overweight who has trouble walking down the street and I point this out to them to show them that people suffer in various ways. So as a pranic healer, I tell them to send lots of white light and love to her…shower her with it and pray she has a fulfilling  day.

When you give to others, you get such a warm feeling that I’m really not sure who benefits most: We or them My oldest has said many times ” I just love to give…it feels good. I feel happy.”

3. Be an Example: Lastly, let them see that you are taking time out for yourself. Exercise, eat healthy, get a massage, spend time around positive people. Let them hear you say no….because you love yourself and value your time….and they will do the same.  Children learn by example, not what you say. You will be a much better parent also!

Life is precious. Hold on to them and tell them you love them everyday ……it is so easy to forget how precious it is to be alive.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Sending lots of love,

Sapna, Dr. Dane, Bhavani and Gayatri


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