Do you see adult patients?

Not routinely, although depending on the age and nature of the problem, this may not be an issue. For example, we do see many young adults who are in their 20’s for issues related to their autism, PANDAS/PANS, anxiety, OCD, depression, gut issues, etc as these are very similar to the same diagnoses in a teenager, etc.

Please call the office to discuss a visit for anyone over 18 years of age so we may discuss and make the best decision. Although we have knowledge of holistic treatments for adult problems and functional medicine training also involves many adult-medicine diagnoses, we feel that it is generally best to keep our focus doing what we have the most training and experience doing: caring for children.

For example, we would not be the best practice to care for gynecologic issues, fibromyalgia, adult hormone imbalances, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, etc. However, our integrative health coach can help all the family maximize their wellness through lifestyle and nutrition changes.