Do you sell supplements or other alternative remedies? Do I have to buy them from you?

We sell a small selection of commonly used supplements that we have taken the time and care to check and assure that they are as pure as possible and actually contain what they say they contain. We generally only sell or stock those that our patients can not obtain elsewhere, such as the local Whole Foods, Mother’s Market, etc, or if we can buy them for a discounted price that we can then pass on to our patients.

¬†Additionally, for those who are interested, ¬†patients may get an access code to an online “drop ship” company where you may buy directly at a discounted rate from retail via our online dispensary.

If you are not comfortable purchasing supplements from our office, then there is absolutely no problem. We will gladly provide you the name and strength of the supplements and you may purchase them at your local health food store, online shop, etc. We find that many appreciate the convenience (Anyone who has gone down the supplement aisle at a health food store knows that it can get overwhelming very quickly) and having the confidence that what they are buying has been recommended by their physician. Additionally, they find that our prices are comparable or even less than the cost of buying their supplements independently, as partial distributor discounts are being passed on to our patients.