Does your doctor see newborns in the hospital or admit to area hospitals?


For newborns, although it would be ideal to come to the hospital nursery to see the new addition, it is not possible to do this as we have patients that come to the office from all over Southern California, let alone just Orange County. To try to go to all the various hospitals would not be possible.

Additionally, the trend in all of medicine is to allow doctors who are specialists in hospitalist medicine care for those patients ill enough to be in the hospital. There have been many studies that have shown that outcomes, length of stay, etc are better with hospitalists. We have made an agreement with the Hospitalist Division at CHOC Orange and Mission for any hospital/acute care needs that may be beyond the scope of what can be provided at the office. We will work with them to coordinate any care needs that may arise, answer any questions about “unconventional” treatments that may arise. In truth, if your child is ill enough to require hospitalization, then this is the time to acknowledge and allow the allopathic model to do what it does best– fix us when we are broken! We can, in turn, use the integrative model to help minimize side effects from the conventional treatments.