Does your office do lab work, blood draws, X-rays, etc?

We perform “point of care testing”, including rapid strep tests, rapid flu tests, urine tests, etc, in office. ¬†We do have the ability to get bloods drawn. in the office if desired, for an additional fee with our nurse. This becomes increasingly helpful when performing some functional-medicine based labs that are difficult to get draw at a conventional lab or the hospital, as they are not trained in handling those specimens/ kits.

These labs will be sent to Quest, Labcorp or West Pacific Labs as required by the patient and insurance contracts.  Insurance based labs (typical labs) will be sent to Quest, Labcorp, etc and you will be able to use your insurance for payment the way you would if it were drawn elsewhere. We also do cash-pay labs which we have gotten discounted from Quest labsРthe fees will vary based on what is ordered but the staff can provide an estimate of the cost prior to drawing the labs.

For functional medicine/ biomedical autism labs, we have separate lab slips and will provide you with the appropriate “kits” to provide to the lab, which are frequently mailed via FedEx overnight to the respective lab directly by you once the specimen has been collected (urine, stool, hair, etc).

For any radiology needs (X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, etc), we will provide you with a order sheet to bring to an area radiology department to have the test performed and the results will be sent to our office, as in any standard medical office. Again, these will also be billed to your insurance company buy the radiology department, not our office and therefore our “out of network” status does not impact that in any way.