Is your doctor a “real” pediatrician?

Yes. Our pediatrician is trained and board certified in General Pediatrics and has been in pediatric medicine for ~20 years. He completed his Pediatrics residency in 2003 at UC Irvine and Long Beach Memorial/Miller Children’s Hospital before working in a variety of pediatric settings: outpatient clinics, pediatric urgent care, and even in the main emergency room of a large children’s hospital. He brings this breadth of experience to your child and you can be assured of a more comprehensive view than some of the holistic providers who market themselves as “holistic pediatricians”, yet do not have much (for example, only 20 hours required by some naturopathic schools in pediatrics), if any, specific training in pediatric medicine and may not recognize a more serious illness as a result. Compare this to the thousands of hours of training in pediatric medicine and rotations through inpatient wards, intensive care units, etc. There simply is no comparison. This is why Pediatrics is a specialty of medicine in it’s own right.