Love Notes from Families

As I started investigating about dietary intervention for my son who has autism, I was very confused by all the information online and spent lots of time going through books, trying to understand the right steps to improve my son’s health. Once I met Sapna, she helped me immensely to clearly define the appropriate diet and detox methods to get my son on the right path! She is very thorough, loving, responsive and has such a great knowledge of integrative health, nutrition and body nurturing; not only did she provide me with a clear action plan for diet, but also supported us through a difficult time where my son had to go through a whole month of very strong medications… Thanks to her help, his body and mind recovered amazingly from this challenging situation.

Thanks for your wonderful work Sapna!

Carolina H.

Sapna approaches each diagnostic scholarly. Her wealth of knowledge in integrative nutrition is profoundly holistic and genuine. I have never met anyone more passionate and caring as she candidly lives and breathes it. She is continually staying abreast in the fields of functional, integrative and holistic medicine that I depend on her for any questions I may have in regards to our family’s well-being. She’s a rare gem.

Weeda H. - Texas

Sapna is one of the best nutrition coaches I’ve worked with. Her knowledge is so deep, and she is also a pro at working on whatever level you’re ready for! She aims at root causes. That’s why she is so successful at helping people get results. I trust her holistic approach and her genuine caring without reservation.

Andrew D. - Utah

Sapna Fliedner is one of the most knowledgeable persons that I know in healing the body. She is also extremely caring, loving and passionate to her patients and takes them hand in hand on their way to living a healthy lifestyle. Our son Daniel was diagnosed with severe asthma at the age of 2 and thanks to Sapna‘s teaching he has become a healthy young 10 year old boy that plays baseball at al competitive level.

Rommy B. - Texas

Will definitely be bringing my daughter back here again. Dr Dane is amazing 🙂

Jennifer M.

Great great experience! Our family lives a holistic lifestyle and this group has already been a great fit for our family! #iamgrateful

Jenny R.

We are so happy that we finally found a Dr that we love and gives us the time and compassion every child deserves.

Angela H.

Excellent experience, I’m very happy I found this practice. Dr. Dane spent a lot of time answering all my questions, presenting great insights on parenting. He followed all the protocols of a traditional medicine but with more caring approach.

Silvia H.

Dr. Dane personally wrote me back an email regarding scheduling our 3 children an appointment for physicals and some health concerns. I was astounded by this personal devotion to his patients. Five diamonds in my book, better than star rating!

Cassandra E.

Such a great experience today meeting Dr. Dane☺ He answered all my questions and was super with my very squirmy little guy.

Alexia C.