My Child is Sick... What Do I Do?

My Child is Sick…What Do I Do?

My Child is Sick… What Do I Do?

Option 1: Check Your Child’s Symptoms Online

We recommend the following resources for checking your child’s symptoms online:

  1. American Academy of Pediatrics Symptom Checker: This is an invaluable resource for you to quickly and easily review your child’s symptoms to help you decide what you need to do when your child is ill: 
  2. Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)’s Symptom Finder

Option 2: Call a Nursing Support Line

Raising Sages Nursing Advice Line (Pediatrics Only)

After hours and on weekends, established patients may call our support line for a $20 fee. The number is 949-788-1111. Ask to be connected to the nursing advice line by the exchange.

HOAG Nurse Line

Call the free HOAG nurse line at 800-809-3555.

Your Insurance-Based Line

If you’d like to use your insurance-based advice line, look at your account for their after-hours advice line. These are frequently included at no charge to you as part of your membership. Some examples include: