Be Sick No More

Be Sick No More

Be Sick No More

In this class, you will learn the secrets to boosting your child’s immune system naturally!

It is virtually impossible to germ-proof your child. Germs are not only good for you but abundant everywhere. But if you find that your child is constantly getting sick, missing out on life’s events, not sleeping, stress and just plain family chaos, then learn how to strengthen your child’s immune system so that they never get sick in the first place.

In this comprehensive class, you will learn tricks I’ve learned to keep my kids healthy (even resist getting sick for 3 years!).

You will learn:

  • natural ways to boost the immune system, using food as medicine, herbs, and supplements.
  • lifestyle tips to prevent illness.
  • home remedies for the flu, cold, coughs and earaches.
  • about the 8 different coughs, what they mean and how to treat them.
  • about food as medicine recipes to heal your family.

This is a 2 hour workshop/ group class. The group class needs 4 minimum.


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