Pediatric Integrative Neuropsychiatry

We are proud to offer you improved services through our new affiliation with the Amen Clinics, the world leader in neuropsychiatry. As part of this association, we have access to specialized tools and resources to help patients struggling with brain-related conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, memory problems, learning disorders, weight issues, and addiction.

How is this different from traditional psychiatry? Through many years of performing tens of thousands of “SPECT” scans, which measures blood flow to various sections of the brain, Dr. Amen and his staff have discovered patterns that have emerged with different neurologic or psychiatric diagnoses. For some of the diagnoses, they have created sub-types to better address the unique characteristics of that particular type and to prescribe a mix of dietary/lifestyle, herbs, supplements and pharmaceutical treatments for each one. To learn more about the Amen methods, please visit:


In addition to the neuropsychiatric tests and types offered under the training of the Amen clinics and his SPECT scanning, we also have the option of performing neurotransmitter testing. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that your brain uses to communicate and when these are imbalanced, can result in clinical symptoms like Depression, ADHD, and so on. Rather than simply guessing, we can test those using a simple urine or saliva to see what combination of supplements can help bring these various neurotransmitters into better balance. To learn more about Neurotransmitter testing and treatments, please visit:

Lastly, we must remember that neurologic problems, mental health issues and neurotransmitter imbalance do not happen in a vacuum. We must also spend time to look into any other underlying nutritional deficiencies, metabolic excesses, toxins, etc that can also be evaluated using the Functional Medicine model (Please see “What is Functional Medicine” post on this website) and possibly other nutrient testing to address any other underlying causes. Indeed, the combination of all three of these tools is a very exciting prospect. With all these tools, we can hopefully be able to assess and address the underlying issues in your child’s health that are manifesting as neurologic or psychiatric disease. This is the beauty of holistic pediatric care. We can blend the best of all the resources available to us for the good of your child.

Please note: We are not Neurologists or Psychiatrists and do not presume to supersede their care in your child’s health team. Rather, we hope to address your child’s issues from a different point of view to complement their expertise and ideally be able to lessen or minimize the need for neurologists/ psychiatrists and medicines while maximizing function.

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