Pediatric Services

Pediatric Services

From Preconception to Teens, our focus is on one thing: KIDS!

We offer a variety from integrative, holistic primary care pediatric services to consultative services for families with children affected by chronic, complex medical conditions.

Dr Dane is simply the best, most down to earth, non judgmental, informative, patient, caring… thorough (!!) pediatrician you will ever find! We are so lucky to know him! Love, Gino, Dove and Luca!

Dovonya S.

Explore our pediatric services:

Functional Pediatric Medicine
Virtual Meet & Greet
Holistic Primary Care Pediatrics
Methylgenetic Nutritional Analysis
Bio-Medical Autism
Virtual Vaccine Consult
Allergies/SLIT Therapy
Mood Disorders
Pediatric Medical Cannabis Evaluations