Holistic Primary Care Pediatrics

Holistic Primary Care Pediatrics

Holistic Primary Care Pediatrics

Would you like having an integrative, functional medicine trained pediatrician as your child’s primary care doctor? Now you can! I combine the best aspects of conventional/ allopathic medicine with the best of holistic remedies (herbs, supplements, essential oils, etc.) to create a balanced approach to your child’s health. You no longer need to “choose” between seeing a regular doctor and a holistic one—you get both in one!

I will generally try to recommend a more natural approach to an issue before using conventional medicines depending on the severity of the problem and the family’s comfort level with the recommendations. I customize the approach to best meet the individual’s needs.

Well Child/ Preventive Visits: I am available to see all children from Newborns to 18 years of age for their preventive visits, school/camp physicals, etc.

Acute care visits: I am comfortable taking care of a variety of outpatient ailments (colds, bronchitis/pneumonia, UTIs, rashes, sore throats, stitches removals, etc). With many years of pediatric urgent care and emergency room experience, I have a good sense when the holistic approach is appropriate vs needing to use a more conventional approach.

Please note: As the practice continues to grow into an increasingly specialized practice, there are increasing requests for me to care for extremely complex children. Some of these children are so ill, in fact, that they are unable to travel and local parent groups are organizing clinic days in other parts of the country for me and others to travel to see their children. This may impact my ability to see your child on short notice as I may not be in the office when you call. Therefore, I would encourage you to have an urgent care or back up pediatrician for those times when I am not available. I do this to help these families who are suffering immensely as they may not have the easy access to integrative medicine doctors the way we do in Orange county. I have also tried to recruit doctors to cover me when I am gone, but have not been able to find anyone who has the blend of allopathic and natural medicine knowledge– many have one but not the other– and so have not been able to find the right “fit” for that role. If this is going to be very problematic for you, then this practice is probably not the right fit for you. There are MANY practices with multiple doctors with more hours, after hours access etc. It is only me, and as 1 person I simply can not do it all. I am trying to help those that have the greatest need.

“Vaccine Friendly” practice: I am respectful with your vaccination beliefs and are willing to work with families when it comes to this controversial issue. I feel that it is my duty to take care of the child and treat families with respect, regardless of where they stand on their decision to vaccinate or not. With a background in public health and holistic medicine, I understand both sides of the argument well and attempt to find a common sense, middle ground whenever possible. I am neither “pro-vaccine” or “anti-vaccine”. I am PRO- “Informed consent” and PRO- “Respect” for the rights of families to make the final call for their child’s well-being.

Dr. Fliedner is no longer seeing patients.