MTHFR Consults

MTHFR Consults (Functional Genomic Analysis)

MTHFR Consults (Functional Genomic Analysis)

Functional Genomic Analysis is a groundbreaking new field that uses your unique genetics to help serve as a road map to your child’s unique genetic susceptibility to various illnesses. Knowledge of the genetic “SNPs” (Single nucleotide polymorphisms) your child has can help guide decision making on use of various supplements, detoxification capabilities and limitations and much more.

While much has been made about the MTHFR mutation in the popular consciousness in recent years, the testing and these pathways go much deeper than a simple, single mutation. The software that we use ( can also read and plug in Genova’s Organic Acids Test (OAT) called the Organix test as well as the results from Labrix Neurotransmitter testing results to see how the genetics are actually manifesting in your child’s body. It is a fascinating time and the era of personalized medicine is just in its infancy.

The software is also linked to specific recommendations of supplements designed to support the various SNPs in your genetics report. These supplements are provided by Professional Health Products.

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