Virtual Vaccine Consult

A Balanced Approach to Vaccines

Are you…

  • Annoyed with the state of the vaccine debate?
  • Fed up of not having any objective facts?
  • Looking to get past the hysterics and learn the truth?


The Virtual Vaccine Consult

When you are a parent its only natural to want the very best for your child.

You want them to be in the peak of health and to never have to suffer the pain and trauma of a serious illness.

That protective instinct is fantastic, but it can lead to some issues when it comes to the topic of vaccination and whether or not it is right for your child.

These issues come in the form of incredible stress and indecision; you want to do what’s best for your child, but there is such little objective information out there it can be difficult to tell fact from hyperbole.


The vaccine debate has been raging on for years now.

The longer it goes, the more hysterical both pro and anti camps get ignoring facts in favor of political maneuvering and obvious scare tactics.

This is a deeply serious issue as it concerns personal health, not only of you but of the most precious thing in the world to you your child. That means you are going to want to be in possession of all the facts before making your decision.

But is there anywhere you can turn?

Is there a way to get an impartial and purely fact based guide to vaccination?

Yes, there is. The Virtual Vaccine Consultation.

Truth and Honesty

Where the Virtual Vaccine Consultation shines is that the motives behind it are completely simple; helping concerned parents get honest and factual information so they can make an informed decision.

The core strength of the Virtual Vaccine Consultation is that it has no dog in the race.

The Virtual Vaccine Consultation is neither pro-vaccine nor anti-vaccine; all that the Virtual Vaccine Consultation is concerned with is pure facts. Providing those facts and sharing them with parents in an easy to digest fashion.

Aside from the issue of finding honest information, is the issue of time. If you’re a parent that means you’re busy. Juggling your responsibilities to your child, work commitments and keeping your house running can eat up every single spare hour you have.

If you were to try looking for this information yourself it would cost you months or years.

Why trust me?

My name is Dr. Dane Fliedner. I am a holistic, integrative pediatrician in Orange County, California. I am the cofounder of Raising Sages Integrative Pediatrics. Along with being Board-Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, I am also Certified by the American Board of Holistic, Integrative Medicine. I also hold an MPH (master’s degree in Public Health). I am certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner from the institute of Functional Medicine. I am also a fellow of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS). I am also 500 hour yoga therapy trained in India, along with Kid’s yoga trained in Los Angeles. I am also an Amen Method Professional in association with the Amen Clinics in Costa Mesa, CA

I wanted to open Raising Sages Integrative Pediatrics to combine the best of conventional medicine with the best of holistic medicine to create one seamless model of care. I am passionate about eastern philosophy and teaching children about the spirit and bettering the world through raising the consciousness of the next generation.
Many times, as I consult with families in my practice, they don’t always have time to read all the books I recommend. A busy life, kids, work schedules, etc. I’ve spent years reading everything from Dr. Sears, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Suzanne Humpries, Dr. Stephanie Cave, and many more.
Patients come to me overwhelmed, worried and confused about making the right decisions for their child. They don’t know who to believe. The internet has one story, the doctors have different story. Which one is true? Is there a middle ground? Is someone willing to speak on it without bias or an agenda?

Are you tired of scare tactics from both sides of the argument?

One hour does not come nearly close enough to answering all the questions parents have. This is over 5 hours of a vaccine consult. I normally charge $360/hr for a 1 hour vaccine consult in the office and it is never enough time to fit everything in. Total value of program is over $2700.

Perfect Solution for the Busy Parent

That’s why the Virtual Vaccine Consultation is the perfect solution for the busy parent looking to make an informed decision based on pure facts and absolutely no hysteria.

The information you will find has been painstakingly researched, checked and then assembled to give you the full spread of the debate – the good points and the bad of vaccination, allowing you to make a decision as to whether it is right for your child or not.

The Virtual Vaccine Consultation has been developed to fit seamlessly into absolutely any busy schedule, as long as you can spare a few minutes a day you will soon find yourself drastically more informed on the topic of vaccination.

The Program

So we’ve established that the Virtual Vaccine Consultation is the perfect solution for a busy parent looking for impartial and accurate information on which to base their decision about vaccination.

 What do you actually get?

You Will Learn:

  1. Vaccines of Infancy
  2. Vaccines of Early Childhood
  3. Vaccines of Later Childhood/Teens
  4. Laws – California Mandatory Vaccine Bill (SB277)
  5. Various Natural Remedies for Vaccine Side Effects/Prevention

For Each Vaccine, We Discuss the Following:

  1. The Disease Process and complications
  2. Vaccine Manufacturer, Ingredients
  3. Vaccine Side Effects
  4. Vaccine Controversies

You Will Have Access To:

  • 5 Hours of Videos – $1800 value
  • Downloadable PDF of powerpoint slides
  • Bonus #1: Relevant Government Documents, CDC schedules, including vaccine catch-up rules, school entry forms, conditional entry laws & SB277 Laws,  vaccine ingredient lists – $350 value
  • Bonus #2: Sample Letters and templates to bring to your doctor to help with your vaccine program. Sample vaccine schedules for catch up for children who are behind.  Blank letters for your doctors for vaccine catch up, MMR and Varicella titers letter, general vaccine titer letter. Simplified/general vaccine ingredient lists to ask which are being used in your doctors office. – $500 value  (These are all in word document ) Doctors do not have time to write these letters!
  • Bonus #3: Natural remedies checklist (ebook) to help minimize vaccine side effects. Natural remedies to help minimize side effects ( supplements, vitamins, homeopathic, essential oils, pre- made detox remedies)  – $50 value

                                                                                          TOTAL VALUE: $2700


Comprehensive Selection of Resource Materials

The Virtual Vaccine Consultation is a comprehensive selection of resource materials designed to inform you and educate you while fitting in absolutely perfectly into your busy schedule.

Undiluted facts. With the state of the public debate getting worse and worse, with hysteria creeping into seemingly every single discussion, the Virtual Vaccine Consultation is an impartial oasis that should absolutely not be missed.

If you are looking to get ahead in the discussion, abandon the hidden agendas, while simply discovering the pure facts, you only need one thing – The Virtual Vaccine Consultation.

Comprehensive & Convenient

Consultations in an office can be costly and impossible for a busy family to schedule in the time required to properly learn about the subject and to have their questions answered.

With the Virtual Vaccine Consultation you get access to over 5 hours of resource material.

That’s an incredible and detailed mine of information that you can discover all from the comfort of your very own home.

There is absolutely no agenda behind the Virtual Vaccine Consultation other than to provide parents with honest, factual information and to facilitate an informed decision being made on their part.

It’s an important decision and whichever way you choose you need that peace of mind that can only come from knowing your decision has been made with pure facts and absolutely zero hyperbole.

When you buy the Virtual Vaccine Consultation you are getting truly astonishing value for money.
Over 5 hours worth of consultation time and detailed information that would normally cost you well in excess of $2700.

    The entire Virtual Vaccine Consultation is available for you today

If you’re looking for an impartial guide to the world of vaccination, you need look no further than the Virtual Vaccine Consultation

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