Quick Healthy Food Swaps

20 Healthy Swaps

By making small tweaks to your diet, you can realize some amazing health benefits over time. Here’s a list of 19 simple food swaps that will put you on a fast-track to eating nutritiously—and deliciously!

Instead of potato or corn chips…

Go for organic popcorn (not microwave) sprinkled with nutritional yeast or roasted, salted pumpkin seeds (pepitas) or Kale chips

Why? You still get the salty crunch you’re after while getting lots more nutrients


Instead of white potatoes…

Go for sweet potatoes

Why? They’re packed with antioxidants and have a lower glycemic index than their white cousins


Instead of conventional apples and celery…

Go for organic apples and celery

Why? These crops are the most heavily sprayed with pesticides; avoid conventional at all costs


Instead of wheat bread…

Go for sprouted grain, gluten free bread/wraps 

Why? Unsprouted wheat and gluten are tough for the body to digest


Instead of white rice…

Go for brown rice

Why? There’s more fiber, more flavor, and it’s less likely to cause a spike in blood sugar…just soak for 4-6 hours to remove phytic acid content.


Instead of brown rice…

Go for quinoa or amaranth

Why? These have more protein than brown rice


Instead of canned beans…

Go for dried beans, soaked

Why? Most cans contain BPA; soaked beans are easier to digest and you control the salt content



Instead of peanuts or peanut butter…

Go for almonds and almond butter, or walnut butter

Why? Peanuts are heavily sprayed with pesticides and can harbor mold that give off toxins (aflatoxins); peanuts are also slightly acidic whereas almonds are slightly alkaline and walnuts are good for the brain.


Instead of conventional beef…

Go for grass-fed beef

Why? When the ratio of omega-6 fats to omega-3 fats is more than 4:1, people have more health problems. Grain-fed beef’s ratio is 20:1; grass-fed beef’s ratio is 3:1


Instead of farmed salmon…

Go for wild salmon

Why? Farmed salmon has less omega-3 per ounce, 16 times the toxins of wild, and a whack of weird additives


Instead of commercial salad dressing…

Go for extra-virgin olive oil + sea salt + fresh cracked black pepper+ lemon

Why? Commercial dressing contains all kinds of additives not found in nature; best to stay away


Instead of soy sauce…

Go for wheat-free tamari

Why? It’s a kinder, gentler, slightly less salty soy sauce; no gluten means it’s easier to digest


Instead of table salt…

Go for Celtic or Himalayan sea salt or Herbamare

Why? It’s not stripped of natural trace minerals magnesium and calcium; Herbamare includes fresh herbs so a little packs a flavorful punch


Instead of sugar…

Go for coconut sugar, raw honey, or natural stevia plant

Why? Evil on so many levels, refined sugar has been robbed of all beneficial nutrients the original sugar cane or beet contains. It also lacks chromium which is a chemical needed to maintain healthy blood sugar levels; all-natural options are always the better choice!


Instead of canola oil…

Go for coconut oil

Why? It remains stable during high-heat cooking making it ideal for baking and cooking and canola oil is genetically modified.


Instead of cow’s milk…

Go for unsweetened coconut, almond, cashew or hemp milk

Why? Many people are unknowingly allergic to cow’s milk; the alternatives are not phlegm-inducing


Instead of coffee…

Go for Teechino

Why? This caffeine-free alternative that’s a blend of herbs, grains, fruits, and nuts brews up like coffee and has a similar aroma and taste. You get a boost from the nutrients, not stimulants.


Instead of soda…

Go for kombucha

Why? This fermented drink is slightly sweet but low in carbs and loaded with probiotics that help to enhance the good bacteria in your gut


Instead of tap water…

Go for filtered or spring water

Why? Filtered water takes out a portion of the contaminants in tap water, but not all; your best bet is to try to drink natural spring water filtered from Mother Nature! 



This is a big one—instead of eating out, eat in! You’ll realize the best health benefits of all if you make that one change.


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