Genetically Engineered Organisms – The Dangers Of GMO’s

By: Sapna Fliedner MSN, HHC Kinesiologist Stephanie Relfe’s “Health, Wealth & Happiness” website defines a genetically modified organism (GMOs) as “a plant, animal or microorganism that is created by means that overcome natural boundaries.” Genes, usually from animal species are mixed in plants by artificially inserting a genetic code to create new species which are … Read Article

Food Additives And Your Children

By: Sapna Fliedner MSN, HHC If you want your kids to get cancer, diabetes, hormone imbalances, mood disorders, heart diseases, ADHD, autism, food allergies, obesity, and decreased absorption of vitamins and minerals, feed them boxed, packaged, processed, canned and fast food. Yes, these foods are convenient and portable and have a long shelf life ( … Read Article