Vaccination Documents

CDC Vaccine Information Sheets (V.I.S.)

Please print and review the relevant PDF documents before your next vaccine related visit, where applicable. This way, any questions or doubts may be discussed openly at your next vaccine-related visit prior to the vaccination being given. (Well visits, vaccine only visit, etc). If you would prefer for us to give you a copy in the office instead, we will gladly do so. (In many pediatric practices, these sheets are given after the fact, which is rather curious and seems to defeat the purpose of the informed consent information included therein.)

Infants Under 1 Year Old


Late Childhood

Vaccine Package Inserts of the Vaccines We Use

For those of you are really curious or simply gluttons for punishment, these are the package inserts for the vaccine products we use here. For more inserts or other information, these are available on the FDA website (click for link).

Vaccine Exemptions

We sincerely respect every family’s right to choose what they feel is best for their individual child. Nevertheless, all parties must acknowledge there are risks involved in choosing to not vaccinate and for this reason, the legal and ethical requirement is to have an open and non-judgmental discussion of these risks vs. benefits prior to any waivers being able to be signed.

Please Note: We are no longer considering medical exemptions for vaccines unless you are an established patient of this practice. 

For Our Existing Patients Only:

Please read all of the following before calling the office regarding vaccine exemption requests. Due to the high volume of calls regarding this issue, our staff does not have the time to discuss your case with you on the phone. Please understand that we are seeing patients and time on the phone takes away from patient care.

Many of the people requesting a “medical exemption” from a vaccine in many cases do not seem to understand the difference between a “Personal Belief Exemption” (PBE) versus a “Medical Exemption” (ME). With a PBE, the family members who had reservations about vaccinations for whatever reasons were able to obtain one of these forms once understanding the risks/benefits of vaccinating vs. not vaccinating after speaking to the doctor.

However, the burden was placed on the parents in this decision, and this is what was repealed with the passage of SB 277.

The difference between a PBE and a ME is very great. A Medical Exemption is a letter stating that the person is at such high risk of vaccine complications for various reasons (see below) that the physician is essentially excusing them for fear that the risk outweighs the potential benefit to the individual or the public health. This now shifts the burden from the family onto the doctor writing the exemption, and is obviously going to be evaluated on much more stringent criteria as a result compared to what a family may consider as a relative contraindication more appropriate for the PBE.

If you think your child may qualify for a medical exemption, please review the following to see if they are applicable:

Other conditions that MAY qualify for a medical exemption would be things such as:

  • Personal history of severe autoimmune, allergic, neurologic or genetic/metabolic/mitochondrial diseases
  • Family history (1st degree relative= mother/father/sister/brother) of severe genetic or autoimmune diseases or severe, documented adverse reaction to vaccine products that may increase risk of vaccine complications.

Whether these latter conditions merit an exemption will be at the sole discretion of the physician at the time of the visit. If your child does not meet any the criteria listed above, you will NOT likely be granted an exemption. 

Please do NOT email the doctor with your case. Please bring ALL supporting documentation (relevant medical records, vaccine records/cards, family history with proof of diagnoses, etc) with you to your appointment. The details will be reviewed at that time, not before or after the visit.  If you do not bring the documentation to the best of its availability, then an exemption will NOT be granted.

A consultation with the doctor does NOT guarantee an exemption and will be taken on a case-by-case basis. 

Please note: BOTH parents of the child MUST be present in order to discuss the case, no exceptions.

Vaccine consultations will NOT be billed to insurance and the non-refundable payment is due prior to the consultation. 

Medical exemptions / vaccine consultations are extensive discussions and are beyond the scope / time constraints of a well-child / sick visit and they will not be discussed as part of another visit. They must be done as a separate visit.