Why You Should Eat More Salt

In medical and nursing school, we were taught that salt causes high blood pressure, heart attacks and kidney problems.  But in fact, we need salt to stay alive. Our body consists of  seventy five percent salt water and electrolytes needed for adequate cellular function.  In fact, sodium along with other minerals are needed for the absorbtion of essential nutrients across the cell wall. The main electrolytes are sodium and potassium.  When functioning properly, this sodium-potassium pump is responsible for how your heart pumps, adequate lung inflation, proper muscle functioning and a host of cellular and blood circulation responsibilities.  Without adequate sodium in the diet, you begin to see multiple illnesses.  These include autoimmune disorders, fatigue, lower immunity, high cholesterol, blood pressure problems,and endocrine problems.

Here is where the confusion starts. There are two forms of salt; unrefined and refined salt.  And most doctors categorize all salt as being bad for you.  Refined salt goes through a myriad of chemical processes which involve stripping of all nutrients, except for one; iodine, which has been put back in.    (to prevent goiter).  But I have also read that the iodine that has been put back in is not even adequate! Hence, all the endocrine disorders.  Then it goes through a bleaching process (chorine) which gives it it’s white color. While it is being bleached, it is also exposed to aluminum and ferrocyanide.   Now it is ninety nine percent sodium.  Hence the name Sodium Chloride. Everyday use of this toxic salt can give you and your family aluminum toxicity, not to mention all the other diseases mentioned above.  This toxic substance that we call salt is responsible for the slow poisoning of America. It causes every disease, yet so easy to cure!  Processed foods are loaded with Sodium Chloride as well as Sodium Benzoate and monosodium glutamate.  Try to eliminate processed foods from your diet.  This overuse of refined table salt is responsible for so many diseases including high blood pressure which leads to heart attacks and kidney disease.  This “table salt” is also what you find in most restaurants and grocery stores. There are multiple prescription medications on the market to “fix” these health problems which will also leave you with many side effects. Why not prevent it in the first place?

But salt is essential for the proper function of nerves and muscles and has many health benefits.  Let’s take a look at unrefined salt.  According to Dr. Brownstein, M.D., author of “Salt your way to Health,”states that unrefined salt contains 80 minerals and essential trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulfate and sodium. (Which by the way compromises fifty percent of the total mineral content rather than ninety nine percent sodium in refined salt).  He states that the use of unrefined salt with it’s full complements of minerals helps to lower pressure, elevate Ph (correct acidity) and improve the health.

Unrefined salt has not been put throught a chemical process.  It’s color can vary, depending on where it was taken from. (Usually a pinkish or brownish color).  There are some sea salts that are somewhat processed also.  Make sure that your salt is not white!  This is the result of bleaching and has been stripped of all minerals.

We use Himalayan Pink Crystal salt which contains 84 trace minerals.  It is raw and unprocessed.  These minerals are deficient in our diet today.  The best way to eliminate processed table salt is to start with cutting out all processed packaged food, which also includes a host of many other toxic substances.  Mineral deficiencies can affect multiple body systems. Most people are salt deprived. Symptoms of salt deprivation are muscle cramping, fatigue, and headaches.

Table salt causes every disease known to man.  Diseases do not start as adults. These problems have been lurking since childhood and then one day, the body says no more.  Table salt is ruining your children’s kidney’s and muscle and nerve conduction.  Change your habits so that they don’t repeat them.  Table salt is a toxic substance that should be removed from everyone’s home.  Their little body’s depend on these critical nutrients that are devoid in table salt.

Himalayan Crystal Salt is pure salt that has been mined from caves formed approximately 250 million years ago.  There are no environmental pollutants.  Sea salt is not always the best choice with today’s oceans being polluted with harmful toxic poisons like mercury, dioxin, and oil spills.

Himalayan Crystal salt is in perfect balance for our bodies homeostasis. Salt is needed for proper muscle functioning and HCS does not create high blood pressure like regular table salt. There are 84 trace elements present in HCS (including potassium, calcium and magnesium), while table salt has zero (plus iodine which has been added).  HCS contains 0.1g per kg of natural iodine. This may not be enough. Dr. David Brownstein recommends iodine supplements along with the unrefined salt.  The recommended level of iodine for adults is 150 micrograms/day. For children it is 90-120micrograms/day and pregnant woman it is 200 micrograms /day. This is to prevent goiter. But doctors speculate that more is needed for optimum hormone balance. Dr. Brownstein recommends the use of unrefined, organic salt with iodine supplements, preferably a combination of potassium iodide and iodine.  These items contribute to optimum endocrine health which are vital for a strong immune system.

Take your pick: Would you rather have fake, bleached, toxic substance salt with iodine added into it or pure Himalayan Crystal salt with 84 trace minerals and 1 iodine supplement added to your diet?

I highly reccomend you to throw out all refined table salt and processed foods. It is extremely toxic and leads to poor health and a devitalized body.

Himalayan Crystal salt is also used as a naturally occuring antihistamine. It can help clear nasal and sinus congestion. Salt solutions help clear mucus from the respiratory tract.

Diseases prevented by using HCS: High blood pressure, cardiac problems, acidic PH, kidney disease and gallbladder stones….and yes, these disease start in childhood.


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